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however, it is permissible to feed him on artificial food, carefully
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*,* This Edition has been re-written, and contains a considerable addition of
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storing the mixture for some weeks prior to use in sealed capillary glass
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might well have received the title of pathological physiology.
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logical disturbance. The patient herself was disposed
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in the course of operation ; hence the care exercised
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or to injury to other organs in the course of the operation.
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a jerking manner, just as if it had received an electric shock.
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zj, 2 j N. American ichthyology. 3 pts. (U.S. Nat. Mus.
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ulcers, often performed venesection, and cupping was frequent,
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she had had neither herpetic sore throat nor persistent sore eyes.
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cases of cardiac weakness which appear late in conva-
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Special Surgery. Associate Attending Pediatrician, New
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Dr. Kinyoun — No, I do not. Very frequently the permanganate is clarified
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The chapters on tuberculosis, scrofula, and rachitis are important additions