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34. Superimposed pressure curves after being graduated 149
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was cerebral disease— transient ischemic attack (TIA) or
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cartilages, (c) Swelling of Peyer's patches is not uncommon, (d)
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borhood of the node. (2) If one electrode is placed on the sinoauricular
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February 7 the patient insisted on going home because he felt so well. The
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Sitzungsberichte der Schles. Ges. f. vaterl. Cultur. 1874.
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resuscitation employed by the gentleman who was assisting me,
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some patients who have been treated by blistering by one doctor, have
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average rainfall for November in the thirty-five years, 1871-
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Why did my efforts to benefit this lady end so disastrously?
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r tions, which sometimes cause him to wake in a state
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ference in both acute and chronic cases after a judi-
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Exhibition, organised with the co-operation of the League
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in pyridine-silver preparations. It is also probable that some
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ing cause, a patient begins to show symptoms of mental depression
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epidemic of the plague that visited London in 1603,