versal cause of the atrophic variety of cirrhosis, and those
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accident which has befallen him, stimulates him to support any
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our own experiences. Obviously the conclusions that can be drawn
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the chest which is indescribable. The veins are tense
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ing of bacteria and that their numbers are not actually reduced.
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Heron Watson's method is a single ulnar incision, by which no
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instrument were um.mI, wo think, such a degree of pushing force
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Chirurgical Society of Edinburgh, in 1821, were of more importance in this direction.
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families until municipal pressure was brought to bear upon them.
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This advice was accordingly followed forthwith ; but before
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EiDLET Mackenzie, M.D. Xot long ago I saw the patient Dr.
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method of study and research has been more or less perfectly intro-
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per cent, against a 5.12 per cent, mortality in a pre-
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species of lathyrus, in the southern countries of Europe,
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subsided, leaving the patient in a state of extreme debility, and laboring
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distinctions so that no unnecessary alarm may be felt during a fit
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der if the noftrils are (lightly irritated, as through
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the points mentioned, such as the failure to demonstrate many pathogenic
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of animal vaccination, clearly and concisely stated.
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the credit that is justly due him, first, in recom-
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ing all kinds of scrofulous complaints and diseases of the
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these words : " At the time when the code of ethics was adopted
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The immediate cause of constipation is generally a weakness or
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of the danger to which men could be exposed by it, no cases of
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regret of many physicians in large practice should serve as an
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Dr. Weir thinks that dilatation is entirely ineffect-
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the Final Dental Examination only. Camlidates who are licentiates of
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the Medical OflScers of Health in the metropolis, we find some observations which
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Dr. Kinyoun — No, I do not. Very frequently the permanganate is clarified