Stellwag's sign, slight retraction of the upper eyelid

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progress for every home it reaches. It means wise and happy parents,

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promise the best results. The boasted curative agents have

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tracted, the conjunctivse are congested, and the action of the

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States. In the year 1871 it played great havoc in New York,


an argument against Macewen's method — namely, the

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went on to say that it seemed to him that a radical

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and galvanism often prove of much benefit. It must be

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practical manner. Etiology, descriptive definitions, anatomy,

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In one other case there was a severe hemorrhage. The hemoglobin

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swelling of the parotid gland and discharge of saliva from the mouth. Emollient

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give great relief to the suffering patient. In the chronic form

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DiPTHERiA Antitoxin in Austria. — Every drug store in

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about 4 : 30 ; we performed forced respiration until 9 o'clock, with the

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frozen or has not been kept at a reasonably warm temperature

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derived from medical treatment. But as I am speaking of idiopathic

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^Hjtented. One is that children are exposed to so much greater danger during the

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to the ordinary slight illnesses of young persons. Several had the scarlet

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used.) The method of introducing the dilators first, and then

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rate, the belief is based on abimdant facts that ether may be

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of his head. He has had the pain in his head almost constantly ever since.

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in the hospital, suspected of and tested to be HIV-

It is now six years since the Medical Council was called into

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that will agglutinate bacilli of the group used in the immunization in

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He reported that the island was sometimes inaccessible

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1:30 dilution of serum. Immediately following this injection the temperature