While sojourning in Glasgow last month I visited the Royal
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The appearance of a new Edition of the " Dublin Dissector" speaks
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separately, as it occurs in the early and in the later stages of extensive
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a class of unknown etiology. These cases appear to be of toxic origin,
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scarlet fever admitted into the Asylums Board Hospitals during the year
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objects on the darker side. Fault-finding is as prevalent as it is
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'•phlegmon," "the phlegmon of the broad ligaments," "the retro-uterine
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gery: In a series of 110 cases treated medically there were 79 deaths (71 per
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mained for two weeks. Status priesens : Has improved
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pected by those who have the good of humanity at heart. When the
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was discontinued (see details of case in Table 8); the patient had an abrasion
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parent relish, the filthy straw that has served as bedding. Often
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diameter of about tVvt^^ m^^ while in other instances they are larger and of a dif-
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suspicion, the mischief has been so extensive that it was probably
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points out that while some cases of bradycardia are chronotropic in
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same nature as Prime acid. When we reflect upon the va-
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These exercises were practised daily till the 8th of February,
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of emergency call plans with discussion. In the evening
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[In the ninth number of the present volume of the Journal, page 151,
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cases of tuberculosis in the state back to the year
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Casting Harness." Anaesthesia: Three grains quinine and urea
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argument. The great error into which authoi's like Dr. Haig are apt to
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the other. It is not strange, therefore, that asthma is regarded as
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Fig. 477. — The external oblique divided, exposing the cord and hernial sac. (Veau.)
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tympanum ; (d) large granulation areas or polypi may obstruct the exit of pus
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of so great a man, and in some Avay, I suppose, by my own destiny, I