experiment of this character no difference was found between the

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bacillus in the apparently normal dejecta of 5 healthy infants aged

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is dark, its coagulabilit}^ feeble, and, probably from the nature

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GOG. Sophisticated medical community with a tropical

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une, that the bill be read a second time and referred to a com-

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ardous casualties, at the period of parturition. One lady feeling

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sions on which he was hypnotised the pressure rapidly fell to

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character of the blow and the part of the skull to which the force

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quinine, fifteen grains night and morning, or Warburg's tincture

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there may be gangrenous change. The pus separates into two layers,

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cases illustrating the effect of Hydrated Oil in practice, are concisely stated in a

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animals, provided that the organism used in preparing the serum is

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The harbour of Batavia being formed by a very deep bay, and

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haemorrhagic diathesis is usually present, and in this re-

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mals which are insusceptible to many germs producing disease

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action. In these cases of capillary paresis we have

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the surcingle, back around the hind feet, below the fetlocks, and

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characters of a malignant ulcer, which are in general very completely seen in

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classics, and represented a vast amount of dissection and

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dangerous, e.g. cases of gastric ulcer or cardiac embarrassment.

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Control by the Police. — An order of the Commission of

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question is answered a concerted effort should be made to increase the numbers

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and the fire of shot and shell that are thrown out by the

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tute the mercurial treatment. Now, there is one point here upon which there

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hypertrophy is not only useless, but more often harmful than other-

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an obliteration or thrombosis of a vessel by a reticulated, hyaline, pigmented

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rangements of the digestive functions, which are to be remedied

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The technique of the examination is of the highest importance,

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insoluble in water, are not removed by washing, become ran-

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I find, calls sakeratus an irritating poison, and gives us a long list of its

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ble gentlemen" — he really seems at a loss to know what to believe ; hence we