Pte. E. E. was admitted from Salonika, coming under my care about

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In chronic cases uterus becomes diseased and causes untold misery.

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physicians themselves are particularly liable to form this enslaving habit; that even the most powerful intellects

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upon by the gastric fluid, commences a process of decomposition and

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will be hot enough if the barrel is not too cold, but when it

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the handling of the instruments I have described, and if he.

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quently, he does not require so much food as the former. Hence,

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feeder, but it is obvious such a system is capable of

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tion of the irritation and expectoration, and rendered the

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average amount of blood, the average weight of the brain; and

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from, and finally to die of, Addison's disease of the suprarenal

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canescens, Pursh. Fl. Am. Sept. 547 (1814). Machcerantkera

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followed out until the cure is effected. If suppuration ensue, the abscess

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it involves, but also from its having produced the dedi-

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The most important remedial agent ever presented to the Profession/or

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ficed by a moments wrong-doing, carelessness, or indifference.

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laryngeal cases somewhat larger (39.8 per cent.) than

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skin, it is to be kept in its place by sutures and a

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medium being a bouillon of lactating cow's udder, with peptone

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thus forcibly states the question :— " Is it not an inevitable

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of micrococci, and even exuberant proliferations of the same,

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signs as very important, and I do not recollect a single case, in

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c irara, as an instance of lyssopliobia, the patient

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vented the landing of the entire number, and those who went on