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nearly all recover, and the flock is thereby preserved.

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There was a history of a blow on the left side of the head inflicted fifteen

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In 1871 a case of this kind occurred at La Piti6, and caused M. Faucon to

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only recently established the surgeon should not be deterred,

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otorrhoea, tonsillitis, 8U])purative endometritis, ax-

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There is a surface-drain made of iron and roughened to

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the presumption is, that an aortic murmur in a well-marked case of anaemia is

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pressive therapy for many years. Murray's receipt of the Nobel

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cavity there were two large blood clots and a broken egg. The mucosa of the head

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and the left hand, as in driving a pair, .from four to five inches from

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of those muscles.. The pectineus and other muscles in the

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one in thirty-nine of the population. 8,450 were children.

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