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sion of the offending body and the use of disinfectant washes. A viru-

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Members of the Ahimni Association of Boston University

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was with us. But fortune is uncertain, and it behooves us to

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16. — While intoxicated a man swallowed a three-penny

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systemic infection may go in those cases in willing that his work as a student and prac-

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membranous lamina spiralis, the sacculus and ampullae, by small

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invests it without, or the membrane which lines it within.

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1838, it may be depended on when given in double the quantity of quinine.

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the head of endemics. It is not every disease peculiar to a given

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of 4 years, penile type, was given two operations, the first a

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lar indices having the least inter-observer agreement

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slight in either case, and the relief almost immediate.

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duces toxic effects oftener than homatropine, in spite of statements to the

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tures and packing, no patient should be allowed to bleed to

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cussed. He believed that the cause of medical educa-

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land ; — it is almost impossible. I may see practice, you will say'; I will,

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young medical men from offering themselves aa candi-

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turned to the ligation of the umbilical cord. The root of the cord should be

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and for this reason we should endeavour to effect a cure in the smaller fistulic.

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sensitive nerves, and of the vaso-motor nerves, exhibited in the former

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matic temporary effect, but within the limits of my experience, at

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the first three weeks, the amount and persistence of the leucocytosis depend-

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former. The coexistence of dysentery' and hepatic abscess in the East

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the full-strength normal solution. This, however, is not necessary;

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The morbid abundance of urine in this affection is due to an excessive elimi-

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in the nasal cavities : (1) A bacillus of which either the pure culture of the

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cause in stimulation by irritants, so overaction has as its cause

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Dnd the girls are getting away from us, pretty soon we will have

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before its use. A second procedure to expose the external

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through the ligaments on the extensor side of the upper end of the meta-

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though no case could have done any better than did this

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rence of fever after crisis, if accompanied by profuse expectoration, should

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done for hydronephrosis by different operators, none-

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appears before or with the roseola, but these have no special impor-

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cosis, and in which Brandt succeeded with his treatment

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days at the Rectory. Dunmanway, Co. Cork, to tiie amount of