in ripples of light, the teeming life upon our earth, and the radiant suns that
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conditions so far as they are indicated by physical prop-
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4. Hodkins JE, Rosenow EC, Stubbs SE: Oral introduction of the
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Cement. — A compound for joining surfaces, or a mortar
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I have referred at some length to these points because they
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40. Ecker A, Riemenschneider PA: Arteriographic demonstration of spasm of the
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in extent ; it usually becomes firmly attached to the mucous tissue
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Hodson, rector of the Edinburgh Academy, when it was proposed
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those of her husband. Her face and large fatty liver and heart
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A "health disaster.” A “time bomb.” This was my im-
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and the cecocentral scotoma is now reduced to but a small island beyond
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above the superior turbinated bodies. Since the openings of the antrum and
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the purgatives appear to be the only remedies arriving at the
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tory to our results. From his experiments Weigl formed the opinion
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" on injection of ergotin in fibrous tumors of the. By Dr. Hildebrandt ^. 248
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f centre is of recent occurrence, or when it has been of so
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pared, the former will have far greater agglutinating power than
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last, I was called to visit a boy, four or five years of age, who,
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substance of the nerve. The vena-azygos major has been obliterated by
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farmer knowing this will not take such to his farm, because he
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devote itself solely to its proper field in a system of
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and are placed under better supervision than when scattered
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There are cases in which the pains, anaesthesia, and ataxia affect the
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Electricity .n Treatment of Post-Partum Hemorrhage. . 101
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Foods," officially contributed by Dr. Leeds to the Sixth Annual Report of the,
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very thin. She was directed to take two grains of quinine three times daily.
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I flatter myfelf that I fha.ll be excufed in giving
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course you all know the physiological effect of ether.
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points, very difficult if not impossible to distinguish from one another.