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America. In those countries where great attention is
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An Assistant Surgeon on appointment receives $1,600 per annum
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next four days varied from 99.4° to 101 .4°. About twenty
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minates favorably by resolution, and by removal of the cause; the whole
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sufficient. Conium maculatum, cannibis indica and hyos-
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of railways and commercial travel; that even in hospitals it has a
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cases, 15 have died, being a mortality of 10.2 per cent. I'nder
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necessary to call attention to a phenomenon observed in milk
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which they sometimes appeared to be partially emptied), and to remain so till
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design, which is sedate in comparison to Cheret's rococo frivolity. In another
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person with a mortification. But that a living animal
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twelve out of the whole number, too few to take any step
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under which it is placed. AlUiough we feel assured that death may be induced by
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so concise a form, a feature which has characterized the Doctor's
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We may take occasion here to mention the various kinds of sulci
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moving these cases if there is any opposition, and this
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should not be afforded for the desiccation of these discharges, which then
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Dr. Sequeira said the question asked by Dr. Williams was a difficult one
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The authors of the ' Handbook* inform us, that without material alteration in the
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Public Health Library, Sanitary Information and Statistics
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whole atmosphere surrounding the question of procreation at the
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rise above the normal standard, — the elevations reaching about
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After the beginning of the new year I wrote to the chairmen of the various
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to the patient in reiterated doles. Prefcriptions are
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be dried and kept foryears, and even pulverized into
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When there is marked infection of the bladder, de Quervain
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the free surfaces of the pericardium be adherent, as they often are
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alliance between all pyrexias, whatever their nature
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the injury may never wholly disappear, yet it is by no
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Dr. E. D. Fisher thought the direction of staggering
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this date a needle came out at a spot over the origin of the sterno-cleido-mas-
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