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tube contains merely cell suspension and 0.1 c.c. of complement. It

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its tail. In nearly every case the very condition upon which

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be doubly sure that no wound has been overlooked. Having

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Argyll Robertson pupil sign, absence of pupillary re-

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loop of the slings and fastened to the snaps, thus securely closing the

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several cases gastrotomy had been done, always with success;

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very painful, and incapable of bearing the slightest pressure. In a

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The earth is not the centre of the universe. Astronomy

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with many who are not, in order as speedily as possible to become promi-

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cord, consisting in a combined sclerosis of the lateral and posterior columns ;

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emulsionized cod-liver oil after meals, one Rabuteau

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Ten candidates were examined, and recommended !"• >r the Degree ■ • t Doctor in

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wounded limb is clearly the first object of the surgeon ; and the

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been bitten, and if the original rabic animal can be secured, intra-

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The functions of the body are at first slowly, but afterwards

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chamber ; the chloroform, being the heavier, forces the

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and restore cerebral perfusion in patients with aneurysmal

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diagnosis. So far as treatment goes the medical treatment is most

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being observed. The blood-clot, after its formation, was inoculated with a

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Collodium Flexile (Flexible Collodion). Collodion 930, Canada

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Di'. F. S. Mack gave an interesting account of a case of

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secondary, circumscribed or diffuse. According to Lenormant and Lecene

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By Lieutenant Commander F. F. Murdock, Medical Corps, U. S. N_ 684

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watch closely have completely confirmed by their proceedings

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command represented rose from 165.895 in April to 230.238 in September

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result of an accident a year previously, resulted in com-

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Congenital colour-Uindness may be total or partial.

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skin, it is to be kept in its place by sutures and a

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bolism of the pulmonary artery. The blood stagnated in the pulmonary

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better results now than the removal of the breast for can-

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apparently effected a remarkable change in the conditions. This treat-