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March 27th. — During the night spots of irregular shape
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marshy foci ; (6) ship malaria ; (7) the prevalence of malaria in
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a practice in which I suspected the original patient also
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1. Wright, A. E., Observations on prophylactic inoculation against pneumococcus
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cers of the Medical Department, United States Army,
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« CD CD 'M rt< C75 -^ (M -^ uC >.0 O O CJ CO CO O O -*" l^ l^ C: CO cr O -^ lO Ci O lO C^
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rupture of the bladder with its attendant urinary infiltration
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apparently from asphyxia. In one of these, however, B.
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spread up the arm to the shoulders and back muscles. There were no
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rarely seen now-a-days. It does not injure the book,
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for physicians to take their own prescriptions." — Exchange.
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1906 b.— Idem. [Abstract] <Rev. vet., Toulouse, v. 63 [n. s.], v. 31 (2), l er fev.,
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in commenting upon this matter, as well as upon an English
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close to the pubis, and, consequently, almost directly behind
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Hartshorn, Willis Ellis, Ph.B., Colo. Coll., '95. .Univ. Minn., '98 New Haven.
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started from, namely, that of the platysma, there would be, probably,
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such that it is liable to direct the attention in other directions. The
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as are seen at autopsies, that is. when they have reached such a maximal
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which is probably due to an over-formation of these materials
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i^Martin, E. G., and co-workers: Am. Jour. Physiol., 1914, xxxii, 212; xxxiv, 220;
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wound. Sestini found that the bacilli of antlirax and of rabbit septicaemia
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nates while in the blood, and will render the urine alkaline. t
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valvulai conniventes are prominent and usually markedly pigmented;
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the heart, a condition similar to, though less marked
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1751. The plague in Constantinople destroyed 200,000 lives.
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though as thorough' training may- not 'be practicable in this depart-
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future, when the chips are down, our allies will look to the
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contains a large number of illustrations, the majority of
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ests. First man is interested in himself and in his
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George Eeid's aduiirable picture, and those of Dr. Daniel Euther-
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The microscope assists our vision in the ultimate analysis