of clavulanic acid (125 mg. as the potassium salt), two Augmentm 250 mg tab-

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I. M.S., of Secunderabad, India, by feeding mosquitoes on the blood of malarial patients, has

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Ulcerations are liable to take place in any part of the body when

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tional authority that constant and devoted attention to mental culture

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important, since only when the stomach is the subject of considerable

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from in-driving of a fractured rib, there was pneumothorax, with total collapse

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ment, 1893) ; Wilson, Fred O., V.S., Green Bay, Wis. (Ontario

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thought and study. Early in his career in New York he

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in any direction. Pressure upon it caused pain similar to

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F., and he died on the night of January 22, three days after entrance

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lessened chances of infection, by Hunter's method, offset the other

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of the 6th, and high winds blew on the 9th and 26th. It is remarkable

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its development, and he explained the reason of the

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better than the older, on account of not being old enough to

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opening in the belly be too small to put it back again, such opening

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the arteries, all ramifications of the vessels, without

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institution. Of the five false negative scans, one was misin-

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blood were lost. In my case, a boy of lo, in spite of a

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under the same management, the mortality was 18.4 per cent.

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treatment. Tire author, moreover, believes that the emesis ::

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cations differ, a mild application to the abdomen in bowel

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the exportation of the papyrus, in order to deprive

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characterized by the want of evacuation and the vomiting of food

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wish, was washed with carbolic (1 in 20) and sublimate (1 in

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lieve those led by them useless in community and negatively dangerous.

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As I have already said, Loffler, in one of his reports dated

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Walsh, Simon J., 22 City Hall Place, New York, New York Co.

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which rapidly follow each other for a few seconds, and then vanish,

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dren one-half to one grain every hour or every two hours, or less often,

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steadily raised by the current collector to five milliamperes. As the resist-

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clot and utarine contractions, caused the whole placenta to be detached

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the vagus were in no visible way affected by the act of removing the ganglia.

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which I performed on the 21st of October, 1889, assisted by Drs.

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s high, and continued as long as is possible, or necessary,

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is eliminated from the circulation by the kidneys and thus thrown

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from then on he tested regularly and maintained a clean herd.

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heart, vices of nutrition and degeneration of the heart-muscle,