In both affections there may be mental deficiency, optic atrophy, failure

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bility^ of the nervous system, and a lack of control in the higher centres. After

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in a pure mild air, will give the sufferers from cyanosis every

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not having enough, or else are perpetually reminded that idleness ends in

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hypotonic infant with poor suck and gag reflexes and

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A woman, aged 38} for the second time pregnant, had the

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The State of New York has a system of its own. and a uni-

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as a member of the faculty at the University of Min-

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years, and proved highly efficacious in the hands of many

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formation of vesicles, blebs, loss or skin, then crust formation, fol-

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discover, if we can, other cases of early familial decay, or inquire

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the powers of growth—of development— -of evolution. It al-

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the test proper, so that the anticomplementary effects of antigen and

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The Influence of Influenza on Pregnancy, Labor, the Puer-

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coeval English rebellion. The investigation is further continued by an examination into

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paralysis. The general paralysis thus started by delirious mania is not

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muscular vigour. Only when he is eleven or twelve months old does he

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structure of the liver and demonstrate the significance

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enteric fever according to the orthodox British method,

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nary dislocations and fractures may be well reduced by a skilful applica-

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ground to avoid the incessant storm of shot and shell from

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above case, and especially so high a percentage of albumen, do

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cortex were also atrophied. It is only in certain cases that the cortex

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els. Albuminuria occurs in frequent cases, and hematuria

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