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spasms until the iodide has had time to exert its specific effects.

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particular viscera and vessels which may happen to be involved. On

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ification of the gastric partitioning operation, shown to be

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is curable too, and that a cure is probable if the disease of the

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before it, then spreads out fan-shape and falls to the

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The quantity of blood-vessels necessary to supply blood to the foetus

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tumor, or a fluid contained within a cyst of fleshy walla,

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The man who was thus sent returned from the shrine,

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in the wild state food had to be taken in rapidly and

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out febrile movement. I have already stated that ray treatment

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bated; and all this work is an integral part of one great problem

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the reason is that these patients are positively afraid of falling,

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the volume for the varieties of electricity and methods of application, are

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Mallory and Wright record 6 cases among 111 in the Boston epidemic.

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nated through a large bulk of sewage : the chances of identi-

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1. That the intestinal canal, from the pylorus to the rectum,

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marry again. They cannot even conceive that there can be any crime in

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was a true vagina which terminated in a cul-de-sac The urethra

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exempt; tubercular tumors have been found in infants a few months old,

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regulations, however, should be impartially applied to the whole of Great

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