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in urea, may react similarly, and thus lead to mistakes in practice.
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nine were females ; six of these cases of mitral stenosis were fatal* In F 52
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purely cystic. None of the cj'sts were large, and they did not
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our boys coarse, rakish, or imbecile, and in marriage the fathers of puny
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later. In two experiments of Dec. 17, 1915, in which ether 1 c.c. was injected at
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tributions being only secondary ; but in his theci-v,
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al anesthesias or hyperesthesias, analgesias or hyperalgesias, and
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No abnormality of balance in the extra-ocular muscles could
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and giving rise to the gloomiest forelxxiings. often unexi>ectedly
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time, makes it extremely probable that the extra pressure then put upon the
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might feed upon the vitals — protoplasm — of its
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stature, one delicate and very anemic, the other far
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Every married man should confide to his wife the real condition
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kindly gave me for the study of the intra-abdominal
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She was seen October loth, 1886, by the writer, and
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in what cafes of continued fever it may be admitted. '
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royal aid is not forthcoming, but the recent establishment in New York
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ment that may be brought against that person and may
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and after leading for some time an out-door life, with proper
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disease (11). Modern Concepts of Cardiovascular Disease 40:5-8,
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variola are heat, swelling, and tenderness of the teats for three
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twenty inches long is tied into the knot below the posterior spinous
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I have been able to find but two examjjles of vari-
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means of a long tube which passed into the bowel to
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from its emoluments. Dr. Swinburne brings to the office
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sible as speedily and as directly as it could be accom-
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whole, it has fulfilled the promises made by the other two. Much more