permanent. If this be associated with bending of the spine the change in the

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'■■ 'I'.'lit about most i)romptly if the vairiis tone is dimiiiished at the same

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vilnJ fii/Kii ill/. It is Usually ahout .'i-'ilMI e.i-.. and is i-epi-esented li.\ tl'

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'ir atmosphere suironndiinr it. Since lilood contains alkali the coiid'

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cases. It is most marked in patients under ten years. Some children,

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uriniferous tubules, or the renal pelvis, as weff as in the interstitial connec-

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Its first application is a good one, but the examining physician would give


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cesses that pass laterally from the bodies of the vertebrae to unite

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which depend in a measure upon the cardiac hypertrophy and high blood

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intestinal trouble, etc. It seems as if their equilibrium rested on a narrow

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We liavc seen that pi-acti<';il dii'telics depends on se\er;d factors, the

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The iMcssure is now lowered .-''.out l.'t mm. Il-r, iind a stethoscdp

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Althoii^li iioriiiallx >»i Kcantv, its scci'i-timi fiiii Ih'chmic n'liiiirkiililx' slim-

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locular cysts occur, with the secondary and degenerative changes common

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clialmcs 111' liirrcreiil animals ciiininited jiei- kiln lpiiil\ wciiilit. This i-

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■ iiiiiio Jic-iil ;iii.| III.' .•iiilp(i\_vl u-i.Miii (if tl ilicr. When iiliiiiiii.' :iii<| jilvcu-

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.•' is .liss.iK.'.l ill ual.'i-. it splits int.. Na raii'.v ill'-' a pnsiliv.' .'Iiai"."

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!iiiic or iiiintlicr have iictiiiill> liccii within the lioily iiropci'. These iii-

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tial liiessiire of the oxvueli is therel'ore eiiiial to ~ ' "''" linn. 1 1 1^

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enjoyed by these patients. Some of the simpler vegetables may be taken.

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hidebound. Over the front of the chest the skin was reddened, a little

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* Journal of Experimental Medicine, 1898, iii, 549.

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c|iiiti' uiisalisl'aclor.\ l'i'i'\ious to tin' discover\- of amino ai'iils. tii'

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observed in man. In nis paper he discusses the interesting question as to

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If eailionic acid is present in a solution of liiearlionates so that ther'

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"I- more above its normal level. If the injection is Ions: eonliiiued. how -

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is seen, the head draws to one side, the muscles of the face and neck become

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occur, events indicating immediate diminution of the dose.

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' NothnageVs System, American edition, ''Diseases of the Blood."

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hands. The condition after the acute features have subsided is generally

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mT fi ijiAli'iisi' I'liiiiji'iisi' isiiiiiiilliisi' ^l■•.llll^, 'I'lii'M' i> siiiiii' runt iii\ rrsv

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the i-ailslie s.jitlion is returned to the hvel of thai in the manoiiiel.

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