primary operation there had been no other foci except the one
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physis. Although spontaneous recovery would often occur,
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separated from the subjacent muscular coat by a more or less abundant
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summer as well as during the severest cold of winter, in a
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The sonnds of the heart and its impulse are weakened, except possibly
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when properly applied, affords so great a facility, that I
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salicylated soap plaster cut into small strix>s and carefully strapped
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The results of some of the earlier workers are open to criticism in
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come on suddenly. Therefore, if it is used in treating obes-
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1651 b.— Idem. v. 2, 3 p. 1., 394 pp., 2 1. 16°. Hagse Comitis. [W«.]
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closely packed over each other ; and he says : " The
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causing back pressure and stasis of the urine in the kidney with
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eased lower end of the ulna; and, like the lunar and scaphoid
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of mosquitoes which settled upon the lower part of the
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patients delivered, eighteen had the disease in a well-marked form, of whom
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Secretary-General, Charks A. L. Heed, M.D., 311 Elm
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tunate and unfriended inmates will be pushed beyond
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it was wasted time for them to attend clinics in the first part of
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business. It is true that these low payments for office visits
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nance pale, the lips livid, the skin cold, the swollen belly
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consisted of an excessive secretion of sweat in the right side
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It is indeed a surprise to read the above, emanating as it does from one
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three years in Senegambia. Prolonged residence, therefore, does not dimi-
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to the right Avas a curly tube, the size of the little finger, which, on
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Belladonna, every three or four hours, and a tablespoonful of
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this treatise be added to the list of those recommended by the
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In niedioal work srencrally, but particularly in midwifery, I have
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axilla may, however, depend on dilatation of the left ventricle in anaemia,
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diagnosis is covered in the two subsequent chapters;
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F. Barker of the trial for poisoning by strychnia, in which remarkable
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structure. The eggs of S. notoscripta are laid in rafts. Various species
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most prominent feature of the ])aroxysms, coma, in these coses, osuallj
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The slot is so made that when applied it forms an angle
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ing malaria and hookw^orm. Before Dr. Miller went to Edgecombe
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I add still another case, with a sudden fatal ending, in which