is obtained by marriages based on physical as well as mental adaptation.
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the solutions of the seven experiments of this group are given in
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reported to have died from "teething," "worms," "convul-
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faulty animals or persons rejected. I am persuaded that if hus-
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without saying, for example, that " for the proper observance of cleanli-
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the theatres, bull-fights, and in the streets, the popular
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ment of the symptoms, there is a period of incubation ; but as to
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is as the cosine of X, while the ineffective force is as the sine
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who are high livers, or among alcoholics and those of other
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highest mental-motor acts of volition and power of attention.
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the temple of Serapis offering a sacrifice for the success
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This device could be manufactured in quantities at a very low cost
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Hospital. B.S. 1970, University of Cape Town (South
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2. Certificates of Membership presented and read by Secretary.
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the succeeding annual meeting of said county, and no tax paying member
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for dilating the stenosis, had entered the abdominal cavity through
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the former cases, and the effect of the injections in arresting the
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changes in the blood, the urine and the cerebrospinal fluid in nervous
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been rarely met with in cases of syringomyelia. Though the scab
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provisions of the Geneva Treaty, promulgated at Geneva,
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rhagia, in November, 1882. She flooded profusely on that
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evidence existed of the supposed noxious influence.
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must be encouraged to cough it up and remove the clots that are
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some subjects may show themselves altogether refractory
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of kindred pursuits, from different parts, '/ Auzoux. His preparations are not imita-
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subject, and treats it in a thoroughly comprehensive manner. In his case,
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The dyspeptic symptoms can frequently be relieved by soda, pepsin, and
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2 drachms, soft soap, ^ drachm, oil of caraway, 15 drojjs,
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former, various forms of acute conjunctivitis and trachoma