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Handbook of Electro-Therapeutics. By Dr. Wilhelni Erb. Translated
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grateful appreciation of the distinguished honor; and I might
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from a knowledge of its use in the wasting diseases
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these points are enumerated in this little handbook and the means for their
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Practitioner. BC/BE, OB optional. Competitive salary
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Oct. 9th. — The carbolic injections and the benzoic acid were
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eighth day. Leucocytes, 132,000, large mononuclears 71 per cent.
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Avhich is the seat of the primary lesion. The small glandular cysts con-
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believed by a great many people, they believe that nearly all dis-
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bre of the vessels and eventually leads to their complete obliter-
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Wells, there was pain in the abdomen depending upon a mass
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throwing it into the water-closet. l)Ut such disposal
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here be called to mind in explaining these phenomena. The
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method, and it is a much more haemostatic procedure than
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For the cure of the disease in obstinate cases, the plan followed by
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administration of from fifteen to seventy-five grains of
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I believe there has been some confusion, during this afternoon's discus-
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electrode, approximately four by eight inches, over the liver, employ-
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ical point of view. Questions of homology, however, have no
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infected with Tr. evansi, Tr. rhodesiense, Tr. gambiense, and Tr. dimorphon,
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that in an aggregate of 159 cases, 57, or 35 per cent, died before
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civilisation may have been differentiated into its various
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recovery take place from suppurative pericarditis, as may liappen in very rare
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more appropriate comparison than to say that it is like a macaroon.
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cause these structures are well protected by the sterno-
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