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Jamaica. Sanitary notes of Jamaica and Porto Rico, 460.

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periodicity. In Boston there were epidemics varying in extent in 1649, 1666,

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agglutination (Bull 9 ) or on its bacteriotropic power (Neufeld and

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clothing or by want of cleanliness, there is reason to

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essary in the discovery as well as the treatment of phthisis.

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entirely free from the spasms and endeavored to get up. With a

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found in the anterior surface of the stomach midway between the two

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large classes of students. Individual work is as absolutely

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modern experimental research has given us a little more ex-

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but the complaints, so to speak, are few : the eloquence of

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affection is insidious, progresses in an almost imperceptible manner,

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There are records of hyperpyrexia from 107 to 113 F. followed by recovery.

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amounts. The quantity of precipitable substance present in a

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No. 2, 2-inch outside diameter. 1 No. 4, 2^-inch outside diameter. I No. 6, 3-inch outside diameter.

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course, being a single and not very severe \ marching and battle his guide in organizing

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in the past, the article by Dr. Adami -upon the Dominance of the Nucleus

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the food does not stay long enough in the mouth to have its starch

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rary excitement, gradually approach it ; the horse now

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The wide-spread demoralization of which we have spoken, pervades also the

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essential. He must himself be perfect in his articulation. Imi-

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radiographs are obtained to rule out occult ligamentous insta-

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poor persons being left to be doctored by the surgeons and

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teeth. Pus was coming from four dift'erent orifices.