MITCHELL, J. K ''Preliminary Note on the Effect of Massage on the Blood Current."

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uninterrupted health for many years. The evening of her death, she ate

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the method, considering its importance as a therapeutic and a

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to diagnosticate between tuberculosis and other forms

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ing portion of the maxillary process. The bony roof

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requisite for graduation will extend through four years.

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case in which a small oxalate of lime calculus was found in the

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the compensatory balance is thus maintained. Chilling the surface will

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mation, which has since been amply extended and proved. He

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ulceration through the stomach wall. (6) Mr. Haughton's

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tion is similar to the primary union of soft parts: new bone is

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edema. An abscess occurring here is usually due either to trauma-

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afterward, showed the disk white and sharply outlined.

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reminded of how much may be accomplished in a patient's

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will be spoken of later on in this commentary. "Methyl chloride" is

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of subjects that have been dissected, and whose previous history

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the University of Maryland Medical System and throughout the state.

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and still young and strong, whilst another may be so debili-