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Antal, shows the position and character of the stricture, and permits

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muscular rheumatism that that condition is often diag-

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Symptoms. — The symptoms of intussusception of the rectum or

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Lastly, pyraloxin seems to be a valuable addition to our rather

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Nature has provided no gastric juice ; and that is the product of Nature, not of

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happiness upon the unfortunate of our race ? Whose avocation leads

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by the educated physician which has done the world so much

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of pain radiating from the roof and outer part of the orbit.

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Medical Services, by Dr. (now Sir) Arthur Newsholme, contributed to the Proceedings

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should say, less translucent, not so pear-shaped, and,

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affected, less importance should be attached to the vasomotor changes

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may produce the condition known as the "bends." This can

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for a year after the operation, when cystitis set in ;

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of potash, 1 lb., or sufiicient, distilled water, 12 oz.;

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cation of forceps possible, an attempt was made to extract the child.

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coolest, most effectual, and most comfortable moans

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us how he became a conjuror, and, to some extent, unveils the secrets of

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of fibrin may be seen to extend from one alveolus into another; normal

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them something. If somebody would remember that I don't

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be thoroughly cleansed. It is wise to give sthenic patients

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gall-stones presupposes inflammation, but clinically the division is of

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ume. This clot did not become in the least rosy on exposure to the

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Art. XXXVI. — Consumption and the Breath Rehreathed. Being a Sequel to

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one of a much larger calibre. Some spoonfuls of pus then escaped,

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without however presenting sufficient evidence, emphasizes the greater sus-