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1957. Webster, Marie, 1623 Hyde St., San Francisco 9, California

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the Medical Society of New Jersey’s resolution and has been

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nervous one's facility for hearing burglars, seeing ghosts, and dis-

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symptom. In some cases there is an exceedingly foetid diarrhoea;

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death of Dr. William L. Russell, which has just oc-

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From Table 1 it will be observed that acute vesicular emphysema

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bers, and had received only one reply from Ontario.

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and inexperience on the part of the administrator. The latter

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DIANA L. McANINCH, Managing Editor JANICE ANDERSEN, Senior Copy Editor JACQUELINE BRAZIEAL, Classified Advertising

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to force the blood through the capillary plexus, and carry it onward

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tion because it happens in animals if the cord is destroyed. The

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no sinecure; he believed in debates, and encouraged

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vention is expected to fix a basis for a sound policy.

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and the thyroid glands had an independent movement, and served

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Association, except on the last day, when business may be transacted

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SPASM- Administer isoproterenol and aminophylline. STUPOR OR COMA— Administer

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On the left side it arose about midway between the superficial circumflex

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do not judge with tlie same power as vv'e do imagine with?

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Seaton, Mo.; John Evans, 111.; A. S. McArthur, 111.

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Dr. George E. Fell presented a paper upon " Adulteration of Fats,"

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changing nature of climates in reference to cold and

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As in the case of the animal tissue, so also in Miviosa, the response

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the operation soon obtained has been tarnished by failures,

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that these circumvolutions are the seat of the superior faculties, by means of


shore at Nassau, where the cause of the disease is often

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degeneration, finally disappears. A delicate cyst wall is formed

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I 'nit, ,1 Statu and Canada : S6.00 per year for all foreign coun-

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only of the lining of the gall-bladder, but of the duodenum

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[Reprinted from the Proceedings of the National Academy op Sciences, September,

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even one fourth of that quantity. Nothing is so difficult as to judi-

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