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Scarification was introduced by Moritz Schmidt, but has now
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index card for each individual patient whose name appears in the
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It would be tempting to assume that the conditions which favor an
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indeed, the cures almost bordered on the miraculous
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between the teeth prior to the commencement of the anesthetic, or
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worked the creature, or else has suffered it, when heated, to cool
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large simple hydrocele which had been tapped several times, and the last time
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t In- Naval Academy and to Marine Rendezvous, Philadelphia,
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absorbent cotton saturated in glycerine and carbolic acid, and
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such cases with facility. Percentile charts of height
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Temporary improvement followed venesection ; then obstinate vomiting,
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one on the outside reaches from the armpit to beyond the foot; the
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Still it can never be wise to presume upon such immunity ; for Hayes
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completed the test and did not give the demographic data; jj
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