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Diagnosis. — The slightest illness occurring in those exposed to

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into the gland tissue, thereby establishing drainage, was all that was


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showing indefinite clinical or urinary symptoms, in which a diagnosis of

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beneath the dura mater on the right side, very thick over

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The Library Committee ask leave to present their fifth annual report.

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the 29th of July, 1794, he narrowly escaped death upon the scaf-

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whole atmosphere surrounding the question of procreation at the

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It is to be regretted that this subject has been brought at all upon the popular

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the Nose and Throat, 1901. Chamberlin, Wm. B. (Cleveland) : — " Some

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fever, 7 of whooping-cough, 6 of erysipelas, one of puerperal

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These seem to be the first products of the decomposition of ether,

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considered satisfactory. The antibiotics can be adjusted

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if he should give way to these tendencies, and dwell upon

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converting enzyme inhibitors, long-acting nitrates, sublingual nitroglycerin, digoxin, warfarin, non-steroidal anti-

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from the affection. It is still met with on the West African coast, and

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geon, must now be considered. First. How soon may the si)lint be ap-

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inasmuch as other men of far greater experience often make an

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much power was retained by the subject of the injuries

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year too early than one night too late.” Sex play is both a

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the movements of the scapula more and more ; while the

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.Parke, Davis & Co. are worthy of all praise for the

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future, we do not hope to see in the members of her faculty men

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III. Candidates will be required to produce the following certificates

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been made in peptone broth, not in media more suited for the

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pyrexia. The drugs he rates most highly are digitalis, camphor, caffeine,

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as a large gaping crater. The contractions of the ureter

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and after stating that we have alluded to the subject, — without

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trusting to the natural efforts to overcome the disease,

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adsorbed, so that the arsenic is able to exert its action to