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1st. " That by the hydropathic treatment, the had juices are
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not. Secretion of gastric juice was found to be absolutely wanting ;
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tomy cure of hereditary spherocytosis and immune thrombo-
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ter. The work of disinfection was carried out largely
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Second Edition. London: Charles Griffin & Co. Ltd. 1898.
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culture of bacteria, the latter collect in fiocculi and sink
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Great Britain, among them the original founder of the Association, Sir
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cattle, sheep, and swine slaughtered thereat. And it shall be the duty of such
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must be put in the water while cold and set to do very gently,
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difficulty in making the head and shoulder ascend, the
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tendon joins the perforans at about two-thirds the distance
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prevalent. Pneumonia occurred frequently, but not always as a
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periodically with pain in right inguinal region ; had been treated by
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)rk was stopped on account of the great expense of sink-
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has been specially anxious to place in relief the action of the
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and metallic eures or plates is the chief improvement. The met-
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a somewhat vague state. Eoughly speaking, the first
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join the great army of the oppressed, who come to the
perience; however, it is all much more final to-day
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and can afterward leave when the commander-in-chief considers it
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conditions, that it may be eliminated by appropriate
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Dietitian as Teachers and. Supervisors. Certificate from
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Council, with the consent of the Association, may appoint, at any annual
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10 cases occurring daily until the well was closed and disinfected.
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the examination of the eyes, consisting of electric lightii
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which was removed. The next day the finger detected mem-
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A "Solid as the Continent" policy is a good fX)licy to have and to hold.
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considered the holding of fairs and markets, which, it is
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their black faces presented an almost unbroken suppurative tract. The stench
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filthiness of the water only affords better opportunity for the development of
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with the uterine discharge, which Courty supposes prevents any undue irrita-
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