♦ Zeitschrift fur Hygiene, iii. 355. * Miluchen. 1890.

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feel inclined to make, and know well where to make, but from their

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the third stage, in this the dyspnoea is very marked, in his efforts to get

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next day jaundice has appeared , quickly followed by abun-

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more until a recurrence of the dislocation made it nec-

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long should the treatment by rest be practised before arthrectomy

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more elegant to add " Fiat ," mentioning the form of medi-

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The roentgen-ray examination showed a rarefied area in the

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for the notes translated and appended to each plate.

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♦ O. Guelliot. Annales de Dermat. et de Syph. 1883, p. 204.

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the cervical branches, while practically all of the non-medullated

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pears to attach to the idea in this case, though it cannot of

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stomach, and bowels all appeared in a healthy state. They pre-

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should he effect a cure in the case of Adolphus Busch, the

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cases occurring in practice. Advertisements inserted on the most liberal terms. All

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left palpebral fissure was a little smaller than the

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much flesh; others are improved by it. Much depends upon the

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illogical and generally dangerous ; and one can only say in

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does not penetrate the skull, tlie ball will generally ha

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First. — The pathology of consumption, which he thinks shows

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good general condition, his blood pressure was 130/80

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layer of cartilage, in which the cells are arranged in linear series,

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(1.) I. e, suck out or extort their substance. A little may be taken, but not

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port one each. From puerperal fever. Pittsburgh three, New

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the suffering these poor creatures underwent could be endured

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was caused by perforation in 4.8, and by hemorrhage in 4.8 per cent.

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with the duties assigned to her ; the budget of the

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mals, or by fowls, or by the stench being carried in the

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of irregular practitioners. The regular profession today are

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ent results under the same conditions at different times. The

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associated with the disease. Herpetic eruptions may occur, more

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strucUve, to repeat the history of the case in great detail,

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nervous systems. It results in a definite series of vasodilator

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in which the arms are placed, and by this means a circulating current

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relaxed ; no thirst. I shall make no further observations upon

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railway track and the artillery on the soutli side. The


probably be several receptions and dinners de gala. A bull fight accord-

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cause and effect between the dyspepsia and the kidney disease,

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one reason why the doctors are so opposed the Thom«

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daily a two-tenths per cent, watery solution of the drug, driving it,

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be yellow; the eyes. are usually of a. dark bluish gray, as in the san-

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togetlier by a few sutures, and cold dressings applied.