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lation, he has been by some regarded as entitled to the
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that the etiological factor is a toxic one. Neuritis of the nerves of the
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Dr. Jennings on Cancerous Disease of Lungs, . . . 469
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etc. 10. Sanitary furniture, refrigerators, wall-paper (non-arsenical),
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atology given in Allen's Encyclopaedia, and gives us every
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diagrams, manikin work and individual practice supplement the instruction.
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When both eyes are affected by cataract, and this is progressing equally and
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the bladder is connected with the levator ani and the vagina.
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is the discovery that some drug or combination of drugs is capable of
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of Chloroform, Uum Camphor and Tincture of Opium, mixed with from two to four
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of the kidneys is aggravated. Specific treatment restores the
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of the gall-bladder and biliary ducts; but the diagnosis in some of the
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The diagnosis being perfectly clear, and the treat-
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paper skirt to further aid in excluding the diffused light from the
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One of the principal things to do while you are making the diag-
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12. — The operations of ventrosuspension of the uterus,
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blood may be changed. There may' be diminished red cor-
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a most telling commentary on the infatuation of those who per-
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For more details about other area hotels/motels , contact the WVSMA at 304-925-0342.
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Radiographic examination of the hands and feet (Dr. Hirsch) shows an
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ing followed the course of Dr. Ord's investigation, he had
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.-.(IS St.-.tioii .\v.-.. ll:id,l,.n llrii^la-.. N. .1.
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was suffering from a severe attack of remittent fever,
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Society held at Seelbach's Hotel, Friday evening, June 2, 1899, the follow-
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recommended for partly internal and ])artly external
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marked tiu'bidity, which in certain cases, necessitates a microscopic
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that the persistence or increase of the knee-jerks of the lower extremities
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Lymphatic Infection, in Cancer of the Larynx. — Hy J. N.
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features of this form of disease are sufficiently ascertained, but the patho-
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these positions has been disputed, and properly; for liow, say