softness, with swelling, of the nail-cells. This softness was very obvious in
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Shlmonek, Milwaukee ; McArthur, Chicago ; Dawbarn, New York
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with an area some distance beyond quite swollen and inflamed.
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Irregular temperature with no corresponding change in
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that " there may have been as many as eighty or a hundred cases, in all
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found in a large percentage of cases; the urine was then usually
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are the larger bloodvessels the walls of which become extraordinarily
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the opening was made at the most prominent part by a large incision,
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A large collection of pus had to be evacuated from the neck at
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here described. A somewhat analogous disease of sheep
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precipitated and collected on a weighed asbestos filter, washed with water and with
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carbonate, separating as an emulsion which immediately crystallized.
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veins. The inquiry will then naturally suggest itself, Have we any agent
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States. In a paper by Gunn a is the following significant sentence: "In
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sharp pain under the left mamma, feverishness, thirst, and vo-
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Prof. Haffkine in London. — The week ending July 1
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that, while the patient's history led to the expectation of
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note that in this case of Cushing's there was paralysis of both
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Calvin M. Brewer, M.I>., Baltimore Medical College, 1888.
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at much less expense. It is given in decided doses until there is abundant