pulsation which can be felt in the small arteries, and sometimes
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• BELMONT A. HELSABECK. M.D., Assistant in Clinical Ophthalmology. • FELDA HIGHTOWER. M.D.. Assistant
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gers they hourly incur, none would be so callous to their own safety as not
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extremities spa.stic. Knee-jerks hyper active. Mentally dull.
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down in a natural position, just as they do wiien an ascites is
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and James I, and Oliver Cromwell, both died of Ague, contracted
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angle of 45° upon the upper, the foot on the damaged side being
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are nature's means for eliminating urea. They should be restrained
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boldly and deeply^ owing to the swelling, we need not fear wounding
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this way, with attending physicians seeing little if any direct payment for seeing patients.
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chloric acid when in the free state only ; inasmuch as
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tion." Change of climate often suppresses menstruation ;
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second ribs are, as a matter of course, so inaccessible
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Edinburgh Infirmary complaining of dizziness and pain in
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"Mrs. M. has had four children and two miscarriages, the
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failing in health in spite of various measures of treat-
by the ophthalmic surgeon to see if any light could be thrown on the cause of
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ing even to thirty years, and likewise geriatry had
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starvation or undernutrition on a low-protein and carbohydrate
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patients I see at this institution there are few who can not
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Board or to the public with perfect impunity, for he can only
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the last instillation of the agent and the attempt to oper-
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subjects in that no two cases, and even no two joints in the same case,
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Bubsequeutly succumb to intra-periloueal injections of
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itself tend to cause weakness and debility. It must not be
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patient had strength to struggle back to life ? There is no satisfactory evidence
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The causes of the partial hjperaemia are to be sought for Tvithin
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ihange, strips more freely, although there are always some
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chronic lead poisoning, each of which in the respective cases appeared to
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and tragacanth. The convulsions were completely arrested by
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lies within reach of instruments passed by the mouth,
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entorccl the fcromb, but that it was empty. A hrcmoorrhagc followed which
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keeping fast hold, and move the animal on, and pull : he will
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of the vessels in those parts requiring less blood.
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but also, when a married man is the patient, to make similar in\estigations
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a case of blood poisoning, neither the doctor nor the public
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Laws of Food and the Pr.actice of Cookery." By Edmund S. and Ellen J
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between fifty and sixty cases were treated with tlie chaulmiigra
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in pure culture, in practically all cases of typhoid fever; (2) that the
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DifTerential Diagnosis. — An absolute distinction between emp>'ema
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mann reaction was negative. Operation, April 5, 1920 : Piece of
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officer. This not only takes him from his other work, but it also makes
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Eckel, O. F., Asheville, Med. Coll. of S. C, 190(5 1907 1909
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absorption of the coagulum taking place under constant supervision,