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■" Braidism " does not seem to have had manv adherents, for the

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patient, on suddenly rising in bed, falls back dead from acute

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history. His work is invaluable to the students of this period.

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all cases, merely a symptom of that pathological condition by which the

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by H. H. Brigham, M.D., of Fitchburg. — u Scarlatina," by J.

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theria and the study of its properties. One of the most important attributes

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these periods other symptoms are present, which seem to

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common larch (Larix Europsea), administered in fifteen minim

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pinguicula; small tumour of the conjunctiva, so called

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van der Kolk says, however, that he does not remember to have

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put various hindrances in the way of my finally leaving

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so late as the twelfth or fourteenth day of contagious fever,

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part of the trunk : of the muscles of the limbs, those nearest the trunk

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ever widening circles, the author's ideal will come true, and there will

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Silent, powerful, and hills are as level road to the 3 h. p. Armac Motor — NOT a racing ma-

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breathing a few moist rales are audible. Air enters the left base freely.

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parts where the eruption is usually the most abundant, most frequently on

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tions more pronounced. Marked examples of this have been re-

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all instances were able to return home freed entirely from this

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On {he Termination of Nerves, By Dr. W. Krause.* — ^The author made his observations

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his colleague, Dr. Painter, whose records we have uti-

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necessary to repeat that it is to wash out the vaginal

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histories derived from the practice of the author and his colleagues. Dr.

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Law. Those, for instance, who studied medicine in London, and

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the proper hygienic measures with the medical treatment required.

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"Wisely affectionate and considerate parents will steadily aim to have every

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It will also be found much more convenient to carry, requiring less room in a case or in the vest pocket.

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warning to any passerby and especially the pontifex not to come

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were few and the perikarya numerous. The derivation of these

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the accident (for such I shall term it), when it does occur,