indication, l)ut only when increase of tension is also detected.
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become the point of continued study. Epilepsy is the
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Bell's Palsy. See Herpes Zoster — Nerves, Periph-
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the Wayne County Medical Society, condole with them in their great
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stitions that have led and still lead the multitude
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of attendance at clinics, witnessing operations, lectures, dem-
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me his glans penis stained with feces. This was curious
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situations the characteristic appearance of the half-girdle is lost to the
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some accompanying disease, or in which they are atypical in character.
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positive results on the basis that the operative procedure, or the
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months I have seen three patients in whom the disease
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month. The mass is entirely free from adhesions, superiorly, anteri-
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in the large than in the small intestine. As a rule, they are multiple,
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nancing preposterous malpractice with never a protest ; of
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pneumonia were common. There were frequent, and often lethal, cholera infantum
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thus thickening and sclerosis result, and the new tissue replaces more or
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and butter cream thirty-six hours after milking. No mention is
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concerned. We all know how much more gratifying our
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15 U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, 1899, Bulletin 46, 50.
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such place was condemned in 1886 and another, on Bear Creek, in 1890 at which
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must consult and agree prior to withholding or with-
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case there was no intestinal catarrh ; the pain came on immediately after
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two, or longer' if there be a tendency to tender nipples, at the same time he
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remain at that level until the death of the animal. In human beings
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condition remained fairly good until after the severance of the
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the subject of the volume ; yet it appears in the heading of
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Section on Biology. We give elsewhere an abstract of Dr. Harrison B.
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production in one of the lower animals of the specific
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ployments, from these complaints, depends rather upon their
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and unaffected eulogium, from every true philanthropist.
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From the known tendency of long-continued inflammation in and near
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factor in stimulating interest in physical training, and
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than rested individuals. The lowering of body temperature by
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formly grayish-yellow, and some still advanced beyond this into a
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cramps in the abdomen, accompanied with slight fever.
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of the i*aeilic. An i)oean voyage of thirty miles lands him