ting fresh hartshorn in a clean saucer on each occasion ; if any
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cells is probably unaltered. The fibrin usually remains as in health,
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to any shape. Dr. Bantock formulated the following conclusions : That
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month. Half a year before the patient came under observation
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of amcebic dysentery, which increase deep in the mucous membrane, the
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the yellow hue already mentioned goes on increasing, the granu-
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by mechanical pressure on the eyeball ; if we suppose that
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Mix the baking powder and salt in the flour, rub in the
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presence indicates a serious condition, involvement of the blood
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1839 — 8i; 2i. A. B. (Harv.) 1832; M. D. (Harv.) 183S. Mem.
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opaque circle placed in a lens, to intercept the rays
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travels brought him to Dresden, where he tarried at the Veterinary
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s^^ent of a Umb does not give rise to oedema over the area of the
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written a work on this subject which is highy spoken of, disputes
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at Kantara, at that time a small station on the Port Said-Ismailia
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treatment which is directed to the peculiar charac-
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diverse in their constitutions, and physical similarity, be it remembered, is
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bed ; to dress the wound without disturbing the bones ;
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years investigators have by turns advocated and combated the microbe
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recoj^iiition of the claims of this important branch of the service
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and there was not much suppuration in the situation of the ligatures. On the
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cells is the solid pus. Some scientists recognize pus germ as the cause
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