secretion of sugar in the liver, but it is a fact of sufficient importance to engage
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that the presence of crime was objectionable in the body politic
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The following tables are taken from actual dairy inspection work,
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opinion and to secure fevorable action on the part of the General Assembly.
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with a diameter of *45", its penetrative energy with
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from the indwelling deity instruction by dreams, which they com-
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twenty-five animals. There was total agreement in twenty-one
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as plotted against the hydrogen ion concentration, that the process
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as shown by a backward flow of fluid through the canaliculi by
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infectious disorders, as well as in some diseases of metabolism; but
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the proportion of pregnant women to adult women in general is between
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until some years after were the peculiar bodies described by him identified
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should give \\) confining school work, should live out
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estimate with regard to it may here be quoted : —
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traindications. Some practical remarks are contained
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Dr. J. M. Ray : In connection with the case reported by Dr. Bullock
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a single case of yellow fever occurred amongst them.
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e. However, this fact should be borne in mind in con-
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The professors in charge of the practical departments have been
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Powerful toxins occur also in the venoms and secretions of snakes and other
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abdominal cavity presents for our consideration a most serious
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attended to, and that the dole fhould be increafed or
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Humiston, W. H. Clinic and microscopic differentiation of scle-
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were allowed to remain. There was a little oozing of blood
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whether you decide to contribute or not. You will understand that
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during this time the germ is rapidly multiplying in the
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on the anterior lateral aspect of the nose (Figure 10). Herpes
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C. A. Boline; Ramsey, Mrs. H. H. Fesler ; Red River
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such sequelEe as were present in this case. In capillary bron-