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out the night, can meet in every respect the requirements of health.
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charge diminished in (luantity, and was lighter in colof. Lt. B. show-
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we were permitted to examine the cattle of various milk dairies. Mr.
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whether the increase of blood pressure caused by ergot does
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consultants, and to give advice in regard to the medical treatment of
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of Gaulish and ^lassaliote money anterior to our era. After this period no more
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sources which supply it, ma}' be estimated as follows : — Worcester
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ii •; of a most experienced and skilful obstetrician.
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give the results of my experience in the treatment of the disease as
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tion, says — " 1 have taken the Journal more than twenty years, and
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alone can we look for the secret of getting ri.d of the disease. This
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perforated the soft parts of the thigh without injury to tlie bone.
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worms ; viz. : A. lumbricoides of cattle and swine, A. mystax
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in a heavy blanket with only the head out and the jaws held
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" The character of Dr. Hooker was not a common one. An inde-
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beg leave to add that this appears to be a peculiar feature of the
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a fatal result. Strycliuine is antagonistic to eserine in stimu-
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cavity formed by the ileum, the fundus of the bladder, and the folds
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Soluble in all proportions in water or alcohol ; also soluble
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in the case of cattle. If the action of cathartics is delayed,
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modic contraction of the muscles, kc, until 6 o'clock and 15 minutes,
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by closing against the anterior wall. This action is aided by the
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ther and infant during the nine days subsequent to delivery.
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population was drawn, and unmeasured was the public indignation at
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ares are reli»hU\ h q-.iitc r*inarkal)le. and stronply suppcstive of the idea thnt,
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aion has been made upon mc by my experience among those wound-
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cutting from within outwards, a little additional skin may be saved
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complete withf)ut it. The present edition is beautifully printed and
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tannin, &c., in many cases. The writer argues that if the condition of the blood
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bourne, of Williams College, has accepted an ap|)ointment to the Chair
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cles are preserved throughout the entire length of both flaps. It
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he eovered eitiier by integument or by a thin Hap composed of skin
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acid, 3 gm.; water, a sufficient quantity to make 100 gm.
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frequent. Soon the patient began to recover her' appetite, and the
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jDlace more commonly in strychnine poisoning from asphyxia,