Prizes and Certificates of HoiMur, — ^These are awarded in each of the
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The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology has its laboratories in a separate
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Fees are payable to the Bursar on or before the first day of each quarter. Registra-
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Barnes, Broda Otto, a, w, Aurora. A.B. (U. of Denver) '28; A.M. (Western Reserve U.)
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center, and there are almost invariably hemorrhages into the deeper tissues
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the only symptoms of which the patient complains, two objective symptoms
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and %rill appear as a bluish or brownis^i color in the pigment of the
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stroking of the sole of the foot or of other parts of the skin with the handle
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toms of the most extreme suffocation. Attacks of swallowing spasm have
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2. Secondary Degeneration in the Spinal Cord in Transverse Affections of
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appropriate. The experience of physicians has shown that this sort of limita-
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holic, senile, saturnine, and mercurial tremor are so characteristic as to be
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intravenous, into the nerve sheaths, or intraperitoneal. The subdural inocu-
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proteid bodies, but from the fats (fatty acids). Strange to say, the acetone
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the " specifics," which have been produced and recommended in view of the
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deveiQpinq. ;Ihls^type r ^ .^^ ur -esults when ^at is reduced by the available oxygen
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Rugg, George Philip, M.D. Aberdeen, 7, Clapham-road-
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the long-set method (the setting period is about 14 to 17 hours).
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those afforded by the majority of our own bodies. Not only so, but
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guish gumma from tubercle in all cases, but now certainty is attainable by
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every touch on the skin perfectly well, but, when his eyes are closed, he cannot
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the pyramidal tract enters the crusta. It lies first in the third quarter,
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though many patients are free from them. Such attacks in all probability
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paresis increases rapidly or slowly, and it may finally go on to a complete
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to cold (wind, wet) as a possible cause. Neuralgias after acute infectious
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0) Caneffibert Cheese. A soft, surface-ripened cheese which may appear yellow
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Latin Prose Composition. (4) Latin and Greek Grammar. (5) Arithmetio.
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and vary it by touching the same place twice, or a different place each time,
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la Charite, rH6tel Dieu, I'Hdpital des Cliniques ; one course of Mid-
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translation from English into Latin prose, thirty exercises in Arnold,
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Unilateral lesion is not a definite disease of the spinal cord, but a pecul-
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plate freezix«, .glazing. The use of rapid freezing sethods <-40«F or
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tabes dorsalis. Anomalies of the sweat secretion are quite frequent, and are
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siderable intensity; and, 3, as a rule, it is not present continuously, but it
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or French or Grerman. C. Mathematics, i.e.. Pure Mathematics to
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failed. The mercurial treatment is almost always combined with the internal
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treatment of the joint, passing a strong current through it or using the faradic
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for criticism to an examiner who, where possible, must be a specialist in the-
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changes at the point of compression (vide infra) may all be explained by
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In the milder cases hiccough soon passes off without special treatment.
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hydrates are taken, there will be a corresponding and large increase in the
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hours. .2, .3, or .4Mj. Winter, David, Montgomery, Gatewood, Miller.
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resistance. In this chapter we shall become acquainted with a number of dis-
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in Ireland ; in Scotland ; in Wales — Medical Education for Women^
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in the cochlear ganglion of the cochlea, the axis-cylinder processes in the
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in the brain found in old cases can be attributed to other causes.
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the professional course. The/ee for each course is JBS 3s., except Dissections
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