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the word ozone as an inappropriate name, or perhaps I should say we

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tell a plain story. Such broad facts are of infinitely more value

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Lee has an article upon the subject of Xanthoxylum Fraxineimi. He says of

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Physician to Dr. Brakenridge and as House Surgeon to Professor

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tions of the serous raembraoes, especially peritonitis of all

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Eond. 1872. — 8. Feoktistow. " Ueber die Wirkung des Schlangengiftes auf den thie-

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No. 3, 2,|-inch outside diameter. | No. 5, 2|-inch outside diameter. | No. 7, 3|-inch outside diameter.

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strengthened by the frequency with which the pleura, brcui-

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16 years or more of active service and the benefits accruing from

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immunology and allergy, basic sciences, mycology, journal club, pharmacology unknown

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in an appropriate address in which he stated that the committee had

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to his ranch in Arizona. At Ventura ana Santa Barbara I obtained what infor-


which in its infancy is already established with the course of

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100°-102° or even 104° F., and a pulse rate of 94-118, with all the

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office in general orders Avhich gave them the same allowance of fuel

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" A concentrated solution of silicate of soda kills microphvtes and micro-

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upon the leaking vessel at a point proximal to the rupture, and thus pro-

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A typical response to the injection consists in a rise in systolic

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down. I leave to physiologists and biological chemists to explain

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caused paresis of the left side, and epileptiform spasms of the left arm

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chest-walls, and those who are not intelligent enough coupons

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toneum, and requires the tube to be worn under the constant supervis-

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mustard and turpentine (for sheep use ammonia and oil).

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rheumatism in the family. His work was that of station-

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at regular times, are valuable accessories in the res-

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erties of a typical semipermeable membrane. While this may occur in

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complicated with prolapse of the vagina, which would have per-

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each bath containing 500 grammes of the sulphate of iron.

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when convulsions occur late in the disease. My cases go to prove

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ease might be accounted for by the' mode of infection,