excision. Following the destruction of the disease by this method
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causing great distress and danger; and sometimes have
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50 per cent of ordinary food is water^, these 154 ounces will cor-
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1895 (No. 1362); a very large, coarse form from Uva, July 10,
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Dublin. Of 94 deaths from zymotics registered in this city, 81 occurred
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etc., was then audited, and the Treasurer authorised to pay the same.
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ological processes of metabolism ; that the very peptones of
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E. Mera, M.D., and Robert O. Brown, M.D., Associate Physicians
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treatment will be thought too violent, and then the solid nitrate
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quinine, in season and out of season, and his energetic anti-
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or walk straight. The muscles of the front part of the foot are
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upon the ball oi the right foot, grasp a lock of the mane with the left hand,
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cluster of this virus in a Mashadi Iranian family in Israel.
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HOUSE ACTION: Item (e) Adopted as amended. Item (f)
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17th. — Bowels freely acted upon; pain affects the loins
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Beduction may sometimes be effected by starting the
The life current thus gradually becomes cooler and cooler until life is
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side of the Firth of Forth. Midway between the old village and the
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principle, with a view of obtaining more therapeutic agents
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