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Alfred I. du Pont Institute of the Nemours Foundation

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brows' Graceful Arch — Clearing the Ears — Purple Lips.

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History Since Admission. — ^Admitted to the tuberculosis depart-

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Wells, Aaron O. Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine.

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enlarged and at the bottom is the layer of cervical fascia connecting

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Causes of death. — Alarming as is the aspect of a patient in a severe

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along the south slope of the Seminoe Mountains; in Lara-

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v. 168, v.* 1 (5), Feb. 4, pp. 289-290. [W a , W m . W c .]

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from the top of the womb to the sides of the pelvis. Of the other four,

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1 the enlarged middle lobe has herniated itself through the stretched

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said, " Come to us. Thou wilt be healed." He obeyed,

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and founded upon what is better known about recognized lesions

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and he could now open his mouth. On the 27th, the rigidity

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probably invoking the support of sticks or of a friend ; he bends forward