they could then with much less trouble and expense hold their
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morbid process : Accumulation and degeneration of their secre-
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off, the whole symmetry of the fore leg is destroyed.
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Bacon Creek, August 15, 1894 (No. 911); Green River. August
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At Eton, again, he was subject to one or two physical
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large rivers. Throughout India and China and the Malay Peninsula
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the convulsions, and may last from a few hours to many
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for the attendant, and SI 75 for the consultant (who
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Tartar on the Teeth. The deposition of tartar, commonly so called,
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The remedy of this is two-fold ; that is to say, first, to
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been primarily upon the dorsum, but upon examination
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vessels being quite unaffected by changes in thoracic pressure.
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the effect of this practice must be watched. In one instance,
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localities in London in which each form of iever is most prevaleat. 8. The influence
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Classification of Neurosyphilis . — Neurosyphilis
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of which contains one-sixteenth of a grain of morphin, five
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wound, act in such a manner on the serosity of the pus of the
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intended to be effectual. 3. Of course, it does not seek to destroy the liv-
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limited course, and, save in the matter of prevention, we are
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dry matter is unknown, but it is most likely. The disad-
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He formulates certain conclusions thus — (1) Pregnancy, labour, and
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ward, under proper care, the drain holes close with-
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active a part as I could wish in the work of the medical
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lead to irregularities both in the order and the time of appearance of
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we can calculate how much of the 60 vols. per cent must be in simple
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schools of Boston; a committee from a society of medical
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an old straw stack, fermenting manure heap, dusty shed
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in the matter vomited in greater or less number. In both these instances
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not only afford valuable information for statistical pur-
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dernier ressort, to try olive-oil. His patient, a woman