quate oral diet to take a daily multivitamin/mineral supple-
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ettes made of mullein leaves, which are said to be very
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rising in this time from fifty to ninety-five per cent. Repeated
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when in narcosis the injured limb remains stiff although the other members are
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syphilitic patients. A medical man told me that when he was young (soon
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wa^ very small during the operation, and but little ether could be
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common cause of the fatal termination in peripheral neuritis. It is often
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show in their centre a pus-like fluid, as in glanders.
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but the patients he referred to were always temperate. Indeed, from his own
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profession. Mistakes will be minimized when men are taught alike in the essentials
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1. — See Philadelphia Medical Journal, July 1, 1899.
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Hospital, London, about four months ago, and, according to report, was informed
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without removal of the latter, they unquestionably reform,
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given to the setting and adjustment of. bones ; and so
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land, who tries to pose as a friend of the profession as well
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It had been alleged that he had been involved in question-
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cured by homoeopathy in about three weeks. We are not in-
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the temperature. If after complete defervescence albumin is still found to
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ter of 1891-92. It embodies much statistical informa-
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from one another — viz., an Entamceba coli Loesch, which was harm-
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ness disastrous results, but since I have trusted to
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garding this ratio exist. He has collected altogether 33 cases
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maze of vituperation, personal attack, and ludicrous
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idea very much in the same manner as Hippocrates does
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and Clark {Brit. Med. Jour., 1923, 1, 13) conclude from the experi-
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the same symptoms; her oldest child, a boy of 15, has defec-
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doing nicely. He learned subsequently that about six weeks after
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nation cxperimenlale dii role des emanations cadavferiques
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have disappeared, inasmuch as the want of symmetry of the staircase was
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to l»e oscUided are the eruptive fevera, febricula, remittent frver, typta
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while among the colonists of Rhode Island, was a con-
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instructed by, or were the immediate successors of, SirHumphry
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patient must be confined to gi*uel, milk, arrow root, corn starch or
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throughout tiie couutrj^, then indeed could valuable and reli-
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