The period of antisepsis then arrived, begun by Lister more than
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points out that it is inserted, also, into the distal half of
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mire, and remove from ourselves the fllthiness of our grovelling opinions.
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sions, hallucinations, illusions, etc., but regret that the limited time
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scribed in a very exaggerated manner ; but the disorder is not the
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in therapeutics. Apart from the serum treatment of diphtheria,
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this was transitory and the patient rapidly returned to his fundamental
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and debility are not uncommonly met with after repeated
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ior which had a specific gravity of over 1.085 while the spe-
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Treat in the same manner as a fracture of both bones, except that
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favoured by the winter season, intemperance, recent residence in an
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She has not had any hysterical symptoms at all, and that is
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II (atypical), and 17 were Type III. Repeated tests of the urine
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tion in a perilous situation. Thus the treatment would be
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greatly ; the upper pelvic strait was narrowed to a fissure two inches across. The abdominal
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ease usually occurs in young persons ; and, with rare
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is known as the •' swell " school, was the gentlemanly appearance
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tacts with a case of diphtheria are examined bacteriologically
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Hall, H. W. Rike, Chas. Keane, Clarence Loveberry, Charles
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ordinary pasture, the whole of the fine surface soil to a
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tion, Oct. 3d 1854. By James M. Newman, M. D. Health Physician.
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He suggested it would be worth the risk of destroying a considerable quantity
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idence, asking the gift of a certain lot of land for the
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