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as English walnuts were present, with sloughing walls
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he had a dispensary district he saw a sufficient num-
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chain is to be placed on the cord above the base of the tumor,
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alone without vacuum was relied on to remiove oxygen, and with
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tional authority that constant and devoted attention to mental culture
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referable to this cause. The effects which would be produced by an over-large thymus,
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setts General Hospital himself, an illustrious pillar of
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was already designated. And so, to the grief of his
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in Manchester and Swansea, both of which hold special
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preparations of medullated nerves in regeneration after section
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to be forgotten that soft sores sometimes take on a specific char-
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nial and a spinal ganglion with their numerous, small Nissl flakes
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years, seen in consultation at hospital, August 22, 1921. Tempera-
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sented abundant patches of pigment throughout their substance, and a
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uniform support of the comnfunity, there would be almost
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of trap known as the bell trap is generally employed (Fig. 233) ; the
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request of the Council of the College of Physicians
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on several occasions. Since then the incidence of the organism
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Send for two copies, at least, and read them. They cost you nothing. Address the Editor,
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87109, at least two months in advance. For information on CME
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year the Committee on Industrial Fatigue. The Committee is con-
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larynx the symptoms produced are to be distinguished from those
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William Cole Parker, Ph.D., National Research Fellow in Organic Chemistry.
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Northern France and Belgium. There are many bold and intelligible diagrams, and a good
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