that it should, and the naturalists, I think, might
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of cream, milk and eggs, or an egg may be given with the
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By direction of the .Acting Secretary of "War, Washington
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be utilized. So in the same way aspect, sunlight, protection
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or acute or chronic intoxication has resulted in the production of an
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tions to arise under these circumstances. The cause is sup-
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lege of advertising himself as a " professor " was ample compen-
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operations, however, for ligature of arteries in subclavian aneurism must necessa-
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rity, requires correction, both as to its facts and opiniona
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become forgetful and emotional ; later insanity may follow
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2. Are cases of pulmonary tuberculosis admitted to the wards of all
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spermatozoa, it should be present in all the forming cells until
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agglutinin present in the serum of an inoculated man six months after his
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tion of originally isoelectric gelatin to produce the pH. The curve
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separate and apart from his mother, so that emergence from
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session, the names, ages, and diseases of the Members of this Society, who may
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reception of the association, and ample accommodation was
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ingly agree to have their growing stock immunized against one
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fetuses and in adults. Sections through the head of a fetus
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nuclide brain scan, EEC, and skull x-ray were interpreted as
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tongue, one-half of the soft palate, and one vocal cord, all on the same
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best during the Sessions of the Association. He contended for
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followed by the cerebral complications so common when carotid ligature is