1. Where fifty per cent, or more of the animals are infected.
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day after operation ; about the fifth day supination and pronation
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acute illness with pathologic tissue loss, the creatinin output might
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which are similar but not identical, so that there may be a number of varieties
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taken. It has generally been supposed that the toxic properties of acetanilide
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a gradual increase of rigidity of the muscles, usually of the
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hepatic cirrhosis in children do not appear to be pro-
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Mr. Francis. These were sent because I wanted a confirmation
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of experiments which involved unavoidable liability to error. Eck-
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Resolved, That the medical profession has lost an eminent and worthy
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is dark, its coagulabilit}^ feeble, and, probably from the nature
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nize constitutional disease as a cause of aneurism, and
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another, emphysema of the entire dorsal region 'is produced. Twice-
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Case IV. Complicating injuries of arm and of thigh, hemotho-
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Before the removal of any bodies permission must be obtained from
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every case an attempt appears to have been made to discover
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ander Wilder, Newark, N. J., was re-elected Secretary, and Dr.
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and the legitimate student of medicine is a person entitled to the
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raw linseed oil, if the horse has to be worked steadily
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