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be greatly puzzled were I to try to answer the question. In fact, I

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tender. The temperature is high ; the pulse rapid ; the tongue coated,

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resonance were observed, but no rales. The abdomen was com

followed by autosuggestion from a memory of a previous injury, then

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ing his previous report of 1881, and showing that the

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missioner of Health, the Commissioner of Insurance, two

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The Library Committee ask leave to present their fifth annual report.

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medical treatment promising best results, and does not slight

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the complex hydraulic operating table. The degree of restraint

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food till twenty-four hours later, when he received one pound of simi-

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" on injection of ergotin in fibrous tumors of the. By Dr. Hildebrandt ^. 248

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and then we resorted to the hypodermic injection of dialyzed

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the worm from one animal to another was made out by a series of

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(3) \ajpiKr]v kiriv, Ac^VTntov avjo^Pova, {£7rivoi]aai),

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of it present among the ^rial corpuscles, M. Pouchet investigated the dust

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along the shafts which are in communication with it.

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hands that they were dealing with a wholly new species of

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exerts upon the vessels of the abdominal organs, and especially


cination is a method practical and efficacious and taken together

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these cases point to infectious meningitis. The normal temper-

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aroused by a perception are always closely associated with our present situation, our present

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of fields from New Jersey, Michigan, and Oregon northward.

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of the gastric juice. Another fact is, that the mare ma)' be overworked

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membrane which lines the interior of the heart and its valves, is

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has followed. These have been, however, altogether exceptional cases, and in no way

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office furniture, etc., to that value. Good unopposed

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for sucJi a measure. The patient must always come first.

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gradually caused an extension of the obliteration to the hypogastric

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reign of the Roman emperor Clandius, about 42 a. d. He had fre-

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three months before every remnant of disease seemed

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to elicit the least information as to the cause of the

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He had intended to be back in Edinburgh by November, 1854, resume his

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treated with oral quinine only — a method which we know has

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stiff and immoveable. Then the seizure may end. Most times,

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[In a former communication from our friend Flournoy his name was wrongly

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accumulation of deleterious substances. If evil results, man alone is

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found bimdles of small medullated fibers in the roots of the vagus

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involved the whole of the left scapula, the top of the shoulder,

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patient being entirely unconscious of its presence.

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