my studies of tubercle constantly met with these giant cells,
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breath and temporarily lost consciousness. Today her pulse is twenty-
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vention is expected to fix a basis for a sound policy.
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the existence of inflammation of the kidneys after scarlet
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6, 19U8. Program: Symptoms and Treatment of Nephritis, A. C. Mc-
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some of the many affections of the throat that demand sur-
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change ordinarily produced in this process of animal
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Douche the auditory canal gently with warm, sterile water; co-
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of iron ; repeating the clyster every four or six hours, according
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Early in the era of obesity surgery, basic criteria for the
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the public schools." If a child's health is not good
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the cord, or they may have been regenarated fibers growing from
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there would not be time for the growth of new hair or
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retain its form long enou^ to enable the intestines to agglutinate
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with surface anatomy, and students are instructed how to prop-
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organs ; the morbid action consisting of fatty degeneration of the
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hsemorrhagic and pustular, it is often impossible to control the delirium
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percentages, as proved by Professor Parkes's experiment, he
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divided, all large branches being dealt with in a similar manner.
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In the discussion of Pneumonia to-day I shall but briefly allude
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handled the lung as little as was consistent with die
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blood contributes to the arrest of the secretions, to the enfeeblement of the
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stocking and sew the glove in its place ; stuff the stocking with
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pratiquement indispensable (il ne peut etre remplace que par le
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tant is polluted water. According to Koch transportation by the air never
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disease. The identity of syphilis and framboesia has recently been
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1886 a. — Tre casi di anchilostomiasi nei zolfatari in Sicilia <Morgagni, Napoli,
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1905. Pfahler, George E., M.D., D.O.R.E. (Camb.), Professor
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the heat was eliminated to a great extent, but the series was too small
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from the obliquity of the bones in question, but par-
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Dr. Turnbull sai<i that the point referred to by Dr.
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raised cuticle may be cut away and the raw surface dressed.
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peculiarly to reproduction in monochrome. In these, too, the free
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Hobdy, V. C, assistant surgeon. Relieved from duty at the
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with descensus. Very old women, he thinks, do not form good
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190, Xanthium strumarium, Clott burr, 20, 5. Leaves bitter and as-
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Division of the sphincter where ulcerations of the rectum and colon
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for the gas, is proportional to the partial pressure of gas. If water is
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has been had recourse to to inoculate for strangles. M. Damalix
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* See Prochasca Op. Minora, Pars. i. p. 342. Joseph and Charles Wenzel de
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The concluding chapter is a valuable historical epi-