and one's kindly acts met with scorn and contumely. However,

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characteristics of this substance. The specific substance is not

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may have some influence in determining this clinging of the disease to

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its results entirely by virtue of its proteolytic powers, with this

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adherent by the margins, forming an infundibular cavity ;

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It will be seen that a distinctly more rapid disappearance of

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with soap and water, then let in the cold water gradually to close the

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Bureau of Animal Industry, and $500 to the Chief of the Di-

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MAXS FIELD, Henry T., Great Plain Ave., Needham — 1869 —

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and proceeds to decolorize it. The so called *'bib" is the decolorized corpuscle.

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ment, encircling one surface hemoglobin mound. This figure corresponds to Fig.

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avoid them, Alexandresca and Ciucia resorted to the method of

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Morphine sulphate, 3.68 mgms., i. e., 0.08 mgm. per gm. rat. Sur\ived.

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brinated blood ; (8) The effects of transfusion, by Dr. Aveling's plan, on animals

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in another case — an ano-rectal ulcer — the first lymph-node, which

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along the maxillary nerve. Many of these cells, doubtless,

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placed higher op in the canal, it is in closer proximity to

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'05 ; and W. J. Taylor, '06 ; and Dr. Garry T. Stone, of Bing-

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the recovery of the patient, and should be avoided, if possible.

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being left attached by a pedicle • the flap is twisted on itself and tucked into the

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dition from the sub-vesicular haemorrhage above described, which appears

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after the inflammatory stage has passed, with or without

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interval. Very few cases are on record in which a persistent ductus arteriosus

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ceptance of this classification in other branches of medi-

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